Our Story

The Epic Tale of Gilgamesh

Inspired by the legendary hero of ancient Mesopotamia, Gilgamesh who embarks on epic adventures and quests in pursuit of wisdom and immortality. We’ve embarked on an epic journey of our own. Drawing inspiration from this timeless legend, Gilgamesh London invites you to embark on a culinary adventure that mirrors the hero’s grandeur.

A Legendary Inspiration

Our restaurant is a tribute to the mythical journey of Gilgamesh, honouring the original epic in Camden from 2007. We’ve crafted a dining adventure that encapsulates the grandeur of this ancient tale, within a more intimate setting with a welcoming and warm ambiance. Each bite, every scent, and every instant within our lavish Babylonian Palace serves as a tribute to this remarkable legend. The flavours on your plate form a culinary journey that transcends the bounds of time.


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