The Flavours of Gilgamesh

Tapestry of Asian Delights

Embark on a culinary journey inspired by the ancient epic of Gilgamesh, where East meets West in a fusion of flavours. Our cocktail and wine list complements menus celebrating the diverse tastes of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Each seasonal menu features premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers, catering to bold, delicate, or adventurous palates.

Embark on an exciting culinary journey with a vibrant selection of colourful dim sum, exquisite sushi, sashimi, and enticing small plates perfect for sharing. Our Robata Grill offers a contemporary twist, featuring a grand return of our legendary signature dishes. Elevate your experience by choosing from our sommelier’s hand-picked wine list or exploring our carefully curated cocktail selection to complement your meal perfectly.

Every sip and bite takes you further into the epic tale woven within our restaurant—a sensory experience that transcends time and cultural boundaries.


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