An Immersive Destination

Enter an Opulent Realm

Fusion of Ancient & Modern

In an epic reincarnation that resonates with grandeur, our opulent realm pays homage to the original Babylonian legend. Seamlessly blending historical palace elements with contemporary design, this space unfolds across three distinct areas. Intimate dining booths, adorned with hand-carved wood, bronze accents, and sumptuous velvet, create a dramatic ambiance. Each bar and dining area reflects the artistry of ancient Babylon, while lush greenery invokes the mythical Hanging Gardens. Ascend to Zion, an exotic garden of enchantment, or descend into Babylon, an opulent dining city, continuing a late-night journey. From the ground floor’s bar and lounge to these elevated realms, our visually striking palace promises a sensory feast, inviting you to linger and craft legendary memories in this captivating blend of past and present.


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